Man versus Animal

Man vs. Animal... One world... A common world!

Every human has a body – a perfect and unique mechanism. Throughout our entire lives, we explore and push the limits of
human abilities. What makes humans different from animals? Humans have the power of intellect, but how does it fare against
the powers and skills that animals posses? Study animal abilities, learn from them and improve yourselves, and enjoy a frst-hand experience of the world around us.


Human versus Animal creates a comprehensive concept of biology that makes it accessible and understandable and invites the visitors to discover their own physical abilities and possibilities.

The exhibition is built around thematic topics that are focused on the senses, the structure and performance of the human body and uses a popular format to show humans at the top of the food chain on Earth. The majority of all exhibits demonstrates to visitors the performance or limits of their own bodies in comparison to certain representatives from the Animal Kingdom: each of them will have the chance to compare the abilities of their own eyes with those of an eagle, to compare their auditory range with dolphins and bats and familiarize themselves with the difference between the orientation skills of a tarsier and themselves, as well as many others.


Area: 800-1000 m2 (8,608 - 10760 sq. ft.)
Interactive exhibits: 35
Languages: Graphic design is set up for three language versions (current language versions: Czech, English, German)
Produced in 2014
Designed by Techmania Science Center


The exhibition is intended for the general public, especially for children. Its design and concept should spark interest in physical activity and discovering the visitors' own physical abilities, regardless of their age.


biology, geography, health education, civics and physical education


Logistic: 4 trucks (length 13,6 m)
Travel insurance value: on request
Limit of language versions: 3 versions
Required period for assembly: 8 days / team of 6 people
Required period for disassembly: 5 days / team of 6 people
Total volume 380 m3
Ceiling: minimum height 2,3 m
Doorway: minimum access height 2,5 m
Doorway: minimum access width 1,7 m
Volume storage 6 m3


  • The rental fee is 145 000 EUR per year.
  • Insurance, transport and install / deinstall will be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Techmania will at the hirers cost change all graphics and computer programs into the hirers languages.
  • Translation into the hirers language will be at the expense of the hirer.

Available from:

July 2022


For more information (terms, prices and availability) please contact:

Mrs. Katerina Chabova
Techmania Science Center
Czech Republic
mob: +420 737 247 595