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Projections in the 3D Planetarium

The projection hall of the 3D Planetarium offers 2D and 3D projections on a spherical surface.

The projection itself has one of the finest 3D resolutions in the world. The hall has 90 adjustable seats. During the projection, you may encounter up to 140,000 stars, watch an accurate model of our Galaxy and observe dozens of nebulae and the structure of the universe. In addition to the display of astronomical objects, you can fly through the cornerstone of life – DNA – or compare the atomic structure of carbon as it forms graphite and diamonds. All this is shown in a unique dome with an internal diameter of 14 meters.

Only three European Science Centers currently have this sophisticated 3D projection technology by Sky-Skan: Centrum Nauki Kopernik in Warsaw, Barcelonian CosmoCaixa and the Techmania Science Center in Plzeň.

Technical parameters

Auditorium capacity: 90 places
Resolution: 4K
Technology: 2D and 3D
Inner diameter of
the screening cube:
14 meters