Dream Big

Dream Big Dream Big Engineering our world

The new film DREAM BIG Engineering our world from the workshop of the American film studio MacGillivray Freeman Films in California is one of the stories that will not let any viewer leave the screening hall without positive emotions! Joy, reflection, a nice dose of positive tension, but also emotion is brought by this film, which captures a free translation

BIG DREAMS or engineers are improving our world!

The film captures the essence of the engineering profession and shows in an amazing way how, thanks to engineering work, engineers improve our world.

An important aspect of the whole film are real stories, effects and stimuli that target human emotions and mind. The true stories of those who had their big dreams and, thanks to their determination and heart, really realized them, give the film authenticity and phenomenally draw the viewer into the story.

The educational and narrative content is distributed throughout the film exactly in such a way as to engage the viewer and motivate them to think about what all the engineering professions bring to our lives. And where everywhere in everyday life their handwriting is reflected. From the Great Wall of China and the tallest buildings in the world, through underwater robots, solar cars to smart sustainable cities.

Dream Big celebrates human ingenuity combined with ingenious engineering solutions that are often very simple; and we have them right in front of our eyes. Everyone has their big dreams! So take a look with us at stories where big dreams came to life….

Martin Stránský (originally Jeff Bridges) spoke for the Techmania Science Center. Original release for IMAX: February 2017 Duration: 42 minutes

Duration: 45 minutes
Available languages: Czech, English (more information)