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Techmania Summer Camps 2021

Techmania Summer Camps 2021

Realization period: 5. 7. 2021 – 31. 8. 2021
Provider/Programme: Summer camps 2021
Principal investigator/project coordinator: Techmania Science Center o.p.s.
Category: Reducing the negative effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on children
Project ID number: 0267/12/KEMP/2021


The project is intended for the implementation of summer camps in the Techmania Science Center, aimed at reducing the negative impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic on children who completed compulsory school attendance in the 2020/2021 school year. The project aims to support children's creativity and cooperation with peers. Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for social contact and for promoting children's independence. Regular meetings at a suburban campsite can help children re-establish their daily routines and restore work habits that were close to them at the time before the restriction of full-time school teaching. The programs are designed to combine independent work and teamwork, focusing on creative and educational activities as well as sufficient sports and physical activities.


Bc. Jitka Mašindová

Project Manager

Address: U Planetária 1, 301 00 Pilsen

Phone: +420 737 247 597

E-mail: jitka.masindova(et)techmania.cz