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RRI TOOLS: a project to foster Responsible Research and Innovation for society, with society


Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2016
Funding Programme: 7th Framework Programme
Lead Partner: FUNDACIO CAIXA D'ESTALVIS I PENSIONS DE BARCELONA in the consortium of 26 instituions
Project Site: www.rri-tools.eu


Mrs. Katerini Polák Dalasová
Project Manager
Techmania Science Center o. p. s.

Address: U Planetária 1, Plzeň, CZ-301 00
Tel: +420 734 282 707
E-mail: katerini.dalasova@techmania.cz

Brief description of the project

This project will develop and use a Training and Dissemination Toolkit on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). It will be addressed and designed by all the stakeholders of the Research and Innovation (RI) chain of value, including Researchers, Civil Society, Industry and Education but will specially focus on Policy Makers in order to impact significantly in the future governance of RI.

The Consortium that will carry out the project is a 26 multi-stakeholder group of institutions with experience in different key components of RRI. The project envisages the creation of 19 RRI Hubs covering 30 countries of the European Research Area. The Consortium and the RRI Hubs will carry out a process of development of the toolkit that will be collaborative and inclusive, this way fostering methods and channels of dialogue in order to increase creativity and shared ownership of the process. Ultimately, the process will lead to a Community of Practice in RRI which will assure the use, evolution and enrichment of the toolkit.

The RRI Toolkit will be an innovative and creative set of tools comprising practical digital resources and actions aimed at raising awareness, training, disseminating and implementing RRI. The RRI Hubs will be responsible for training on the use of the toolkit throughout Europe, of advocating policy makers at a national and regional level and of disseminating the concept of RRI to a wide audience.

Bridging the gap between Science and Society has been a challenge for decades. Today, there is evidence that we need to involve wider society in decisions about the form and direction of research and innovation to contribute to a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of our societies. RRI TOOLS will help transform Research and Innovation in Europe into a process targeted at the grand challenges of our time (science for society) where deliberation and reflection are coupled with action (science with society).

Facts and Figures

Did you know:

  • that RRI is the priority of the European Commision within the research and innovations policy?
  • the RRI tools project is developed by 26 institutions from 30 countries of EU?