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Multilingual expositions

Multilingual expositions

Realization period: 1. 8. 2018 – 31. 12. 2018
Provider/Programme: City of Pilsen
Principal investigator/project coordinator: Techmania Science Center o.p.s.
Category: Subsidy program for the presentation of the city of Pilsen and tourism in 2018
Project ID number: 07/2018


The project aims to improve the range of services for foreign visitors to the city of Pilsen through translations of the descriptions of interactive exhibitions entitled Upside Down and Engineering into English and German and thus support the overall tourism of the city. The project is also focused on the translation of TSC promotional leaflets for participants in tourism in Pilsen, as the translated promotional materials will be freely available not only in the reception area of ​​the Science Center but also in all tourist information centers, etc.


The project, therefore, plans to specifically translate (into German and English) 26 pages of descriptions for the 25 interactive exhibits of the Upside Down exhibition dedicated to minerals and their extraction. Furthermore, the translation of 82 pages of texts (into German and English) for the Engineering exhibition, which is at this moment being built in TSC workshops and thematically focused on the following engineering fields: construction, urban planning, mechanical engineering, design, electrical engineering, medical engineering, and traffic engineering. Communication with foreign visitors will be ensured by translating TSC promotional leaflets into English and German and distributing them to the tourist information centers of the city of Pilsen and other important tourist places in Pilsen.


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