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Green Techmania III.

Green Techmania III.

Realization period: 2020-2021
Provider/Programme: Department of the Environment, City of Pilsen
Principal investigator/project coordinator: Techmania Science Center o.p.s.
Project ID number: 2021/000902


The project is primarily focused on the revitalization of the space in the Techmania Science Center and on the environmental education and training of visitors to the Techmania Science Center.


The benefits of the project will be of an ecological and educational nature. The result will be an improvement in the microclimate through the greenery, the elimination of unpleasant impacts of industrial space in the summer months, and the improvement of the aesthetic and ecological function of the Techmania Science Center with a positive impact on human health. There will also be an increase in visitors' awareness of the natural sciences, especially ecology and rainwater management (see groundwater loss issues). The primary effort in connection with the educational nature of the project is to strengthen the public's relationship with the immediate environment to better realize its responsibility for its state.


Ing. Veronika Kunclová

Project Manager

Address: U Planetária 1, 301 00 Pilsen

Phone: +420 734 282 707

E-mail: projekty(et)techmania.cz