Top Secret

TOP SECRET is an interactive travelling exhibition based on the thrilling and mysterious world of spies.

This absorbing subject appeals to the widest possible range of demographics and makes TOP SECRET the ideal day out for any group. Throughout the exhibition visitors are recruited for secret missions and they learn whether they have got what it takes to be a spy. Once inside they are frequently surprised and confused as nothing is truly as it seems. Finding out what is true and what is false and who and what can be trusted is all part of the challenge.

Visitors will find many opportunities to develop their spying skills. They can try to break the lock on the security safe, find the hidden microphones or try to hide from the cameras and fool the sensors. They can learn how the mysterious Enigma machine works, or test their ability to slip through airport security. While visitors play their way through the exhibition, they not only experiment with spy and police techniques, they also learn about the real world of spying and the real gadgets that are used.


TOP SECRET shows the visitor a side of society we normally don't talk and think about: spies, how they operate and what techniques they use to break in on our privacy.

Throughout the entire exhibition, visitors get the feeling that things are not what they seem to be. They feel they never know if someone is watching or overhearing them – certainly after they have discovered they can do it to others. The atmosphere in the exhibition is one full of secrets. Try to lift the veil of them.


Area: 1000 m2 (10800 sq. ft.)
Interactive exhibits: 42
Languages: Graphic design is set up for three language versions (current language versions: Czech, English, German)
Produced in 2007
Designed by Technopolis (Mechelen, Belgium) and Experimentarium (Copenhagen, Denmark)



The topic of this exhibition makes it a very suitable theme to attract visitors of all ages. The theme is also attractive for teenagers and young adults, a group that normally is difficult to reach. For this travelling theme exhibition Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre (Mechelen, Belgium) and Experimentarium (Copenhagen, Denmark) bundled their knowledge and experience.


physics, chemistry, geography, social studies


Logistic: 3 trucks (lenght 13,6 m)
Travel insurance value: on request
Limit of language versions: 3 versions
Required period for assembly: 10 days / team of 6 people
Required period for disassembly: 6 days / team of 6 people
Total volume 3 m3
Ceiling: minimum height 3 m
Doorway: minimum access height 2,3 m
Doorway: minimum access width 1,5 m
Volume storage 5 m3

The photographs above by Science Center AHAA.


  • The rental fee is 80 000 EUR per year.
  • Insurance, transport and install / deinstall will be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Techmania will at the hirers cost change all graphics and computer programs into the hirers languages.
  • Translation into the hirers language will be at the expense of the hirer.

Available from:

Currently not available for rent.


For more information (terms, prices and availability) please contact:

Mrs. Katerina Chabova
Techmania Science Center
Czech Republic
mob: +420 737 247 595