Movie World

Catch the tricks as in MATRIX and finally get your own movie trailer from sci-fi.

The amazing look into the movie industry.
How is the movie made?
Find out what is hidden behind the camera.
Get to know films´ and televisions´ career and become part of this world.


Catch your change to be in your own Movie world…
This highly interactive exhibition pretends to be as a studio, where the sci-fi movie is created.
The visitor can discover the unique world of movie and television professions and will get the change to be part of his own movie
In a funny way everyone can get the experience how difficult are the jobs as a television reporter, cameraman or animator of the
puppet film.
Start the mission and find out all about the suspended camera, keying, News studio, production of a puppet film.
Ge the other knowledge about the terms, which you see daily: zoom, focus, depth of field…. and much more.


Area: 500-700 m2 (5800 - 7500 sq. ft.)
Interactive exhibits: 12
Languages: Graphic design is set up for three language versions (current language versions: Czech, English, German)
Produced in 2014
Designed by Techmania Science Center


The exhibition is intended for the general public, mainly for visitors, who are curious fans behind the scenes of the movie world.


physics, optics, mechanics, geometry, fysiology



Logistic: 4 trucks (length 13,6 m)
Travel insurance value: on request
Required period for assembly: 21 days / team of 7 people
Required period for disassembly: 14 days / team of 7 people
Total volume 380 m3
Ceiling: minimum height 3m (crane); 2,65m (rest of the exhibition)
Doorway: minimum access height 2 m
Doorway: minimum access width 1,8 m
Volume storage 6 m3


  • The rental fee is 150 000 EUR per year.
  • Insurance, transport and install / deinstall will be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Techmania will at the hirers cost change all graphics and computer programs into the hirers languages.
  • Translation into the hirers language will be at the expense of the hirer.

Available from:

October 2022


For more information (terms, prices and availability) please contact:

Mrs. Katerina Chabova
Techmania Science Center
Czech Republic
mob: +420 737 247 595