Man versus Animal

This exhibition is built around thematic areas focusing on senses, physique or performance of the human body and presents us as beings logically belonging among other living organisms of our planet.

A large portion of the exhibits compare the performance or limits of our bodies with various fauna: anyone can test their eye dynamics with an eagle’s eye, try the frequency of their hearing compared to dolphins or bats or get acquainted with the difference between the orientation abilities of a tarsius and their own.

On an area of 800 m2, a comprehensive concept for popularizing biology is graphically presented: not only you will learn what you may not know about yourself, but you will also know how to compare your abilities and performance into the context of various animals. Will you jump farther than a flea? Can you see like a snake? Do you have the grip of a hyena?

Enjoy Techmania in English!

Area: 800 m2