Going Underground

Amazing journey into the depths of the Earth.

Let´s learn more about the inanimate nature and minerals. Enjoy the time on the journey through the mining galleries and find out more about mineral mining.  You would be amazed at how many of them you need in a common life.


The exhibition is devided into three sections: geology, mines and underground spaces.

In an interactive and an educative way shows that a large part of our world is made up of minerals that we get from the rocks. Materials such as glass, concrete or steel using by us human to build our homes, have a basis in minerals. Rare Elements e.g. gold or platinum are particularly needed in the electronics industry.

Two of the basic minerals using by us human in a common life are salt using for preparation of our food or fluorine to brush our teeth. People and geology are inextricably linked. Mining and influenced various historical periods. Historical era were all derived from the materials of mineral origin: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron ...Today is the toughest aspect of mining, in addition to safety, minimize environmental impact.


Area: 450 m2 (4843 sq. ft.)
Interactive exhibits: 29
Languages: Graphic design is set up for three language versions (current language versions: Czech, English, German)
Produced by Finish science center Heureka



The exhibition is intended for the general public, especially for children (11+ years of age).


geography, geology, physics



Logistic: 6 trucks (length 13,6 m)
Travel insurance value: on request
Required period for assembly: 10 days / team of 6 people
Required period for disassembly: 5 days / team of 6 people
Total volume 500 m3
Total weight 27 t
Ceiling: minimum height 2,5 m
Doorway: minimum access height 2,5 m
Doorway: minimum access width 3,1 m
Volume storage 10 m3
Other technical information Crane for unloading blade: 3,1 x 3 x 2,4 m
Power socket: 400 V; 3 phases


  • The rental fee is 150 000 EUR per year.
  • Insurance, transport and install / deinstall will be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Techmania will at the hirers cost change all graphics and computer programs into the hirers languages.
  • Translation into the hirers language will be at the expense of the hirer.

Available from

July 2022


For more information (terms, prices and availability) please contact:

Mrs. Katerina Chabova
Techmania Science Center
Czech Republic
mob: +420 737 247 595
email: katerina.chabova@techmania.cz