Future On a Plate

Are you curious of: How much chicken do we eat per second? What is growing on which plant? How much does your brain eat?

Let´s check it out with Future on the Plate

Quality of life is closely linked to what we eat. Topic like food and eating in general is discussed on many levels and fields.

We are what we eat. Is that true or not? And what does it actually mean? Let´s  find that with Future on the plate exhibition.


We eat to live, not the other way around. Every day, we have to provide nutrients and water to our bodies and this biological necessity has evolved into a cultural and industrial issue. Food has become one of the most important topics these days and its importance will only grow with the continued development of our society.

An interactive TSC exhibition will guide visitors through the plethora of information related to food: how to create a balanced diet, how meat gets to our shops, how a microwave oven works, how long you have to run to burn calories form one chocolate bar and so on. We must not forget about the most important aspect: that the quality of our life depends on what we put on our plates.


Area: 400 m2 (4300 sq. ft.)
Interactive exhibits: 23
Languages: Graphic design is set up for three language versions (current language versions: Czech, English, German)
Produced in 2015
Designed by Techmania Science Center



The exhibition is intended for the general public



biology, sports, health education, history


Logistic: 3 trucks (length 13,6 m)
Travel insurance value: on request
Required period for assembly: 9 days / team of 6 people
Required period for disassembly: 6 days / team of 6 people


  • The rental fee is 150 000 EUR per year.
  • Insurance, transport and install / deinstall will be at the expense of the hirer.
  • Techmania will at the hirers cost change all graphics and computer programs into the hirers languages.
  • Translation into the hirers language will be at the expense of the hirer.

Available from:

October 2022


For more information (terms, prices and availability) please contact:

Mrs. Katerina Chabova
Techmania Science Center
Czech Republic
mob: +420 737 247 595
email: katerina.chabova@techmania.cz

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