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Techmania Science Center is well-experienced project partner and has implemented many of  local, country and international projects.

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For more information and answers for your questions, please, contact us:

Mrs. Hana Královcová
Head of the Project Department
Techmania Science Center o. p. s.

Address: U Planetária 1, Plzeň, 301 00, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 734 283 928
E-mail: hana.kralovcova(et)techmania.cz

Ongoing projects:

Projects in sustainability:

Archive of finished projects:

Science and Technology Is Fun!
European Territorial Cooperation - Goal 3 - Czech Republic - Bavaria, Project No. 385
2014 - 2015

TECHMANIA - THE NEW DIMENSION of Polytechnical Education for Nursery Schools Teachers and Managers
OP Education for Competitiveness, CZ.1.07/1.3.00/48.0144
2014 - 2015

Science and Inquiry-based Teaching Popularization
OP Education for Competitiveness, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/45.0007
2014 - 2015

EXLIZ – Excelence lidských zdrojů jako zdroj konkurenceschopnosti
OP Education for Competitiveness, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0013
2012 - 2015

KiiCS – Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science
7th Framework Programme
2012 - 2015